REVERENCE | Unscripted 08

We need to view adversity in business through the lens of inevitability… to live is to face challenges. What is not inevitable is how we react to them, and who we become as a result. Having been through my fair share of business challenges, particularly…


BRICK BY BRICK | Unscripted 05

Business are built brick by brick, day by day. So often the day of a CEO isn’t glamorous, it’s meetings, conversations, thinking and strategising. This episode is an insight into a day when I’m in CEO mode. From 8:30am to 10:30pm through meetings with my…


HUSTLE I Unscripted 04

How far you go in business is directly relative to your level of obsession. We don’t get to start a business, sit back on a beach and watch the customers, money and success roll in.  Instead building a business takes hard work, hustle, long hours… If…


HEART VS HEAD | Unscripted 03

As entrepreneurs, there’s often a conflict: do I follow my head here? Or should I follow my heart? But it shouldn’t be a choice of one OR the other… that’s dangerous. In business you need to marry the two. Develop the intellect but only as…

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