The Crew


Stev Lackovic

Entrepreneur Development Manager

Stev Lackovic worked across a range of industries before finding his home at The Entourage.

He started a university degree in journalism and marketing, however soon realised that the lecture theatre wasn’t for him. He chose to defer and pursue a career in professional poker for 5 years.

The communication skills he learnt during this time put him in good stead to start a career in sales. He has worked in sales for a large fashion corporation for the last two years, leading his team to turn over approximately $3.5 million in revenue.

He uprooted his life in Western Australia to move to Sydney and work with The Entourage as he wanted to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and change his life.

Stev says working at The Entourage lets him be surrounded by talented and knowledgeable people, who he feels will help to better him as a person.

Outside of The Entourage his interests lie in fitness, boxing, running, the beach, art and basketball – he was a Junior National Representative in basketball until he was 18!