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Stuart Cook

Non-Executive Director

Stuart Cook is the Global CEO of Zambrero, a Quick Service Mexican restaurant franchise with strong humanitarian values – every burrito or bowl enjoyed at Zambrero feeds someone less fortunate through Zambrero’s plate 4 plate initiative.

Stuart was appointed CEO of Zambrero just before his 24th birthday in 2009, qualifying him as one of the youngest franchise CEOs in the world. Since then Stuart has led the company from turning over $1 million to over $70 million in sales, now employing more than 2,000 people across the group.

Late in 2014, Stuart, along with founder, Dr Sam Prince, negotiated an 11 country Asia joint venture with an investment consortium that includes Bob Lapointe – ex International CEO of KFC. This joint venture has seen Stuart relocate this year to Thailand with a goal to roll out 100 locations throughout Asia in the next 4 years. Zambrero will also open its first locations in the United States next year.

In 2011-2014, Zambrero was listed as the fastest growing food franchise of the year in the Australian BRW Magazine. Zambrero has been awarded FCA Corporate responsibility Award, Mybusiness Magazine’s Best Retailer and the ACT’s Emerging Entrepreneurial Company of the Year.

In 2014, Stuart was awarded CEO Magazine’s Young Executive of the Year for Australia.

Stuart is also a shareholder and non-executive director of The Entourage.